Welcome! This blog is aimed at anyone, vegetarian or not, who enjoys good wholesome food.. the only catch is that there is no meat in sight! For those that don’t like to cook, or are perhaps worried of trying something new, I hope I can inspire you and for those who are seasoned veterans of the stove I’m sure that the recipes on here will provide you with some good ideas.

You won’t need a great deal of skill, equipment or knowledge of the culinary arts just a brain and a little bit of common sense. I want to show you everyday recipes with everyday ingredients. I will show you how to prepare things that are a little more out of the ordinary, introduce you to short cuts and show you where you can add a bit more pizazz if you want to. Where possible I will also show you how to make the recipes vegan and 100% animal free.

Now, I’m by no means a professionally trained chef (far from it), but I enjoy cooking and most of all I enjoy seeing people smile whilst they tuck into a bowl of your hard work. I’ve been vegetarian since 2010, not a long time I know, but along the way I’ve made discoveries about food and indeed myself. I have my reasons for not eating meat, but I will never impose those upon you, whatever you decide – whether to not eat meat, or just that you want to try something new – that’s your decision. Throughout this blog I will enlist the help of my loving partner (and fellow vegetarian), Mel, who has been a constant source of enlightenment.. as well as humour.. for several years now.

Please spend some time on here, pass the word around and have some fun!




At present my blog is not monetized. I do not sell ad space, I am not affiliated with any company and/or business and I do not do paid reviews. All opinions expressed are that of my own and I will not accept gifts, payment or any other form of compensation for positive review or comment.

All the images used are my either my own and therefore subject to copyright, or used under given consent. Please do not use any image out of its original context without seeking prior consent through the contact form, here.

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    • Hiya! Thank you very much! We try to post vegan recipes often or at least make a vegan option where we can. You can find all the vegan/vegan options in their own categories to make it a bit easier to find.

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