Would you like parmesan with that? – 5 Things to look out for that aren’t suitable for vegetarians.

Becoming a vegetarian or vegan can be a tricky process and at times really confusing. One thing I found particularly awkward was realising just how many day-to-day items contain animal in one way or another. Hopefully whether you’re a vegetarian, vegan, flexitarian or just a plain old omnivore you’ll at least be a little bit more clued up on just how many things contain animal after this post. Continue reading

How to: Prepare a butternut squash

In this quick guide I’ll be running you through how to prepare the humble, yet oh so tasty, butternut squash. I use butternut squash A LOT and they are one of my favourite ingredients to work with as they are cheap, readily available and whats more they are very good for you! Continue reading

Protein, what’s all the fuss about?

Plants have proteinIn our western culture we place a lot of emphasis on protein and spend vast amounts of time ensuring we get our fix of it. Globally protein consumption is on the rise with emerging industrial economies eating more and more meat1. Whether from animal or non-animal sources we almost seem to be obsessed with it. Those who choose not to eat meat or animal products altogether are often bombarded with questions of ‘how do you get enough protein?’ or just accused of being deficient and most probably ill! Hopefully by the end of reading this you’ll be more clued up on protein, it’s importance and in fact how easy it is to get enough of it. Continue reading

All about Tofu!

Tofu has become as synonymous with vegetarian diet as the colour green or the letter ‘V’. Originating from China about 2000 years ago it is a staple food all over Asia and has been at the forefront of vegetarian diet both in the East and more recently in the West. In this post we’ll take a closer look into this ancient food and why you should include it in your diet.

Various tofu

Various types of Tofu available, different manufacturers use different types of packaging, some require chilling and some don’t.

So, what actually is it? 

All tofu is essentially the same, but a few key differences in its production effect the outcome. Tofu starts life as the humble soy bean which is turned into soy milk, much like cheese a coagulant is added to the milk and the resulting curds pressed together. From here the resulting tofu can be stored in water or vacuum sealed to preserve its moisture content and is referred to as ‘Fresh Tofu’, or it can undergo some extra treatment (traditionally to preserve the fresh tofu) and is known as ‘Processed Tofu’. Continue reading

Red Tractor Week, 16 – 22 September

Red Tractor - the mark of quality British produce.

Next week (16th – 22nd September) marks the beginning of Red Tractor Week, but hang on a second, just what is that little red tractor all about? It’s something you have seen nearly every time you’ve been to the supermarket, perhaps even if you’ve been out to a restaurant lately, but many of you will have no idea just what that little logo actually means. Continue reading

We’re relaunching the blog!

Tomorrow is the big day! We will be relaunching the blog!

Why a relaunch you say? Well, we have taken everything learned over the last few months and gradually implemented it to create what we think is a fresh, fantastic looking blog, but one that has change quit significantly from where we started! As the blog has changed so much it felt right to relaunch it, almost like starting again, but with the added bonus of knowing (sort of) what we’re doing this time.

From the relaunch onwards our aim is clear: post great recipes regularly. We’ll also be posting helpful and informative articles to hopefully clear up some of the mysteries and misconceptions about eating veggie.

Change is on the horizon!

Some of you who have been here before may have already noticed things gradually changing on the blog and I hope you like them! I am steadily working my way through, improving and tweaking things as I go, using everything I have learnt over the last year or so of blogging.

There are a few major changes that will be happening around here, we’ve already simplified and beautified the theme and in the next couple of weeks we will be changing the name to ‘Eating Veggie” and setting up the domain eatingveggie.co.uk.

Once everything is set we will be effectively relaunching the blog with lots of yummy new recipes complete with beautiful pictures, the aim is that we will also be a lot more active from that point onwards to so keep checking in regularly as things are going to get awesome!