Almost Naked Slaw

Almost Naked SlawFor a long time now I’ve been trying to perfect my Tofu Burger recipe and I think after about 6 times of making them and tweaking and testing out new things I’m finally there – expect to see this very soon! But one thing I’ve noticed with all tofu burgers is that they tend to be looser and a bit.. mushier?.. than other burgers. So I’ve been looking for ages to find something to pair these burgers with that will add crunch and bite, that is where this Almost Naked Slaw comes in!

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Couscous Stuffed Peppers: Cheap and easy!

Couscous Stuffed Peppers, cheap and easy!Perfect for lunch or a lighter main meal these stuffed peppers are a great way of using up bits and pieces in your fridge and can be great if your watching the calories to! They can be teamed up with a side salad or vegetables to turn them into more of a meal, or use them amongst other smaller plates for a tapas style buffet. Continue reading

Zingy Beany Salad

Zingy Beany SaladI love a good salad, which if you looked at me in person you may not think so – but then again I also secretly enjoy Lady GaGa and big glossy musical-theatre. But there indeed lies the problem: Salads are far to often misunderstood and just shoved to the side, banished to the realms of the ‘side dish’ forever. In fact salads can be some of the hardest dishes to get right as you have no where to hide and you’re often balancing delicate flavours, yet you can end up with some of the tastiest, super-nutritional food you will ever make.

This warm salad is a far cry from the traditional leafy green salads such as the Caesar, instead relying on some scrummy garden vegetables for that fix of green. Flavoured with a zingy garlic and lemon dressing to really make those greens shine. Bolstered with black-eye beans this is one salad that is sure to not disappoint! Continue reading