Meat-Free Chilli

Meat-Free Chilli

I love a good chilli, in fact I love everything Mexican! The flavours are just so big and bold that you can’t help but smile with each mouthful as it warms it you up from the inside. For this chilli I’ve made it using a meat-substitute mince (Quorn, specifically) and I know some of you have your reservations about such things but I find this is a perfect thing to sever up to my family, most of which are happy carnivores, where we can all enjoy a good meal together without the usual quips about being meat-free. Continue reading

Courgette and Tomato Wraps

Courgette and Tomato Wraps

TheseĀ Courgette and Tomato Wraps are so simple and so quick that there’s no excuse not to try them! Packed full of goodness they make for a scrummy lunch or for when you just want something a little on the lighter side. Perfect for using up the last of the courgettes and tomatoes that knocking around before the weather well and truly turns chilly! Continue reading

Mexican Spicy Bean Tacos with Home Made Salsa

Spicy Mexican Bean TacosTaking inspiration from Mexican street food this recipe is quick and easy, yet full of all the bold and vibrant flavours you expect from Mexican food. This is a great recipe for getting kids involved with their food, much like Fajitas you can serve everything to the table and let them construct their own tacos! Continue reading

Mexican Bean Enchiladas

Mexican Bean Enchilades

I absolutely adore everything about Mexican food, I especially love the aromas around your kitchen when your cooking it, perfect to get those mouths watering. This dish is great for a family meal or if you’re entertaining as you can cook it in advance and save the last few steps until you come to serve it. You can also rest assured that it is jam packed full of nutrition with plenty of complementary protein from the beans and wraps not to mention oodles of vitamins and minerals. Traditionally you would make this with corn tortillas, which by all means you can still do, however I like to use wholemeal tortillas for that extra nutritional kick of wholemeal goodness. Continue reading