Going Meat-Free, One Guy’s Experience

Here is a guest post I wrote for Sophie’s wonderful blog.

The Forget-me-Not Cultivation Blog

Welcome readers to the second guest post of three.

Today I’d like to introduce to you David from Eating Veggie.  The most inspiring blogger on veggie and vegan food.  If you haven’t visited his blog, do it – do it now!  David’s recipes makes eating vegetarian so simple and easy to do it’s impossible not to try them out.  His style of writing is down to earth with recipes that are extremely easy to follow and makes the most simple of food look delicious.  I can vouch for the shortbread biscuit recipe.

Whether you are vegetarian or not – there are no politics involved here, just a new way of looking at food.

I myself am now over 60% vegetarian (that’s 13 out of every 21 weekly meals).  It’s been a lot easier to move towards this diet because of people like David being so friendly and…

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