Going Meat-Free, One Guy’s Experience

Here is a guest post I wrote for Sophie’s wonderful blog.

The Forget-me-Not Cultivation Blog

Welcome readers to the second guest post of three.

Today I’d like to introduce to you David from Eating Veggie.  The most inspiring blogger on veggie and vegan food.  If you haven’t visited his blog, do it – do it now!  David’s recipes makes eating vegetarian so simple and easy to do it’s impossible not to try them out.  His style of writing is down to earth with recipes that are extremely easy to follow and makes the most simple of food look delicious.  I can vouch for the shortbread biscuit recipe.

Whether you are vegetarian or not – there are no politics involved here, just a new way of looking at food.

I myself am now over 60% vegetarian (that’s 13 out of every 21 weekly meals).  It’s been a lot easier to move towards this diet because of people like David being so friendly and…

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Roasted Sprouts

Roasted Sprouts - perfect for any occasion!

This recipe is so simple it hurts, in fact it’s more just like a piece of advice rather than a recipe it self! How many of you always boil your sprouts? I mean, it’s just what you do. Years and years and years (well.. I’m really not that old.. but as long as I have been alive for) I’ve always had my sprouts boiled, or very occasionally, steamed. I just assumed that’s what you did with them and so whenever I made them I done the same. Until now that is! Continue reading

Mushroom and Chestnut Parcels

Mushroom and Chestnut Parcels, perfect for the festive season!

I love this time of year, with all the celebrations, events, nights out and great company. But of course, let’s face it, food can be the star of show! When I initially became vegetarian Christmas dinner was a little awkward, my family of die-hard meat eaters not really knowing what to cook for me and to be honest I didn’t really know either! Since then we’ve found new and tasty ‘alternative’, meat-free, Christmas faire and in fact my mum and sister both enjoy that more than the Turkey! Continue reading

Shortbread Biscuits, perfect for Christmas!

Shortbread Biscuits

We are officially one month away from Christmas (gulp!) and me and Mel are starting to think about presents for friends and family. One thing we love to do is make our own gifts to give to people, it just means more that way. These cookies are great as presents, especially if you need a present in a rush.. just whip up a batch, pop ’em in an airtight jar and you have nice home made gift!

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Roasted Squash and Tomato Pasta

Roasted Squash Tomato Pasta

Pasta, it’s amazing, right? I mean you really can mix any old thing together, stir it through some pasta and BAM you’ve got yourself a cheap and easy meal. This is exactly how this recipe got started, I was rummaging through the cupboards, not really sure what to make (unfortunately my recipe inspiration has been waning just lately) and I figured it’s going to have to be pasta as we seem to have an abundance of the stuff! So I start to gather together the usual bits and bobs for a simple tomato sauce and then it strikes me.. quite literally.. on the foot (ouch!).. squashes! Continue reading

Would you like parmesan with that? – 5 Things to look out for that aren’t suitable for vegetarians.

Becoming a vegetarian or vegan can be a tricky process and at times really confusing. One thing I found particularly awkward was realising just how many day-to-day items contain animal in one way or another. Hopefully whether you’re a vegetarian, vegan, flexitarian or just a plain old omnivore you’ll at least be a little bit more clued up on just how many things contain animal after this post. Continue reading

Garden Vegetable Jambalaya

Vegetable Jambalaya

Jambalaya is a distant relative of the paella, born out of a fusion between Spanish and Caribbean cooking from the Spanish settlers who brought their culture and food to the Caribbean. Jambalaya is a fantastic way to use up any odds and sods of veg you have laying around the house and you really can add to it what you like!

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